'This blog documents the unique Mural Painting 366 course, taught by Erin Harmon at Rhodes College. The class will produce three collaborative, site-specific murals through the Spring 2012 semester. While the main focus is the progress of the class itself, the purpose of this blog is to engage and interact with the entire Memphis community.'

The first major project of the class is to produce a sort of Rhodes-themed mural on the, let's face it, notoriously boring eye-sore on campus--that is, the construction wall outside of the soon-to-be West Village dorm across from the Barret library. Honestly, it's just begging to be mural-ed. The color theme will be black, a lighter gray, and bright accents with red, allowing for a bold, graphic look. Each student is to come up with 5 different sharpie studies for their vision of the mural--the students will then combine, collaborate, and work with each other and each others' ideas to create one, cohesive (or not) composition. Pictures of the planning and progress of this process are soon to come! Also, while the class works collaboratively within, we are always open to suggestions so please feel free to give us some feedback!
Also, just to give some background on myself...My name is Sarah Knowles and I am a senior at Rhodes. I'm am currently the fellow for the Mural Painting class Fellowship. I am not officially enrolled in the course, but I hope to be on-site and involved as much as possible.

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