Mural Rhodes Campus

So I've offered a little bit of a verbal preview of the new mural coming soon to Rhodes campus in a week or so, but I thought I'd share a few examples of past on-campus murals by none other than Professor Harmon's painting classes. The first was actually done on the construction wall during the construction of Barret library in 2005. I have yet to see pictures, but I've heard that the mural included a giant head of President Trout surrounded by a sea of trout! Too clever. But sadly, the mural was not permanent. However, a few years ago, E.H.'s advanced painting course crafted the stunning mural housed by Ohlendorf hall--commonly known on campus as the 'Math Mural.' The class, consisting of Amaryllis Lyle (2013), Kate Parker, Kelsea Everett, Whitney Ranson, Lizz Glaus (2012), and Staley Tomfordy, was divided into groups to create their own versions of the prospective mural. They then combined certain elements of all of their studies into one final, cohesive sketch. Below are images of the mural in progress...but be sure to stop by Ohlendorf to see the finished product! Also, note how they cleverly incorporated the red fire alarm into the painting...it's disguised as one of the red pixels!

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