The wonderful Elizabeth Gates in the archives has located the images of the mural painted in 2005 on the temporary wall surrounding the south-side of the construction site of Barret Library that Professor Harmon's painting class contributed to. You can see the Troutt/trout imagery I was talking about!

You can find this image and many more of the mural on Dlynx, Rhodes' digital archive collection. Rhodes Archives has spent an innumerable amount time and energy building the digital collection for this on-going project--it's pretty amazing seeing all of this information public and all in one place, with a wide variety of photos and documents dating back to as far as the early 19th century! So if you have yet to check it out, you should definitely take a break from work and do so! I will warn you though, it can be dangerously time-consuming...Actually, the Mural Painting students were encouraged to go to this site to look at vintage photos of the Rhodes campus for inspiration and possible source material. The prepping for the West Campus construction wall mural starts tomorrow, so I should be able to give some sneak-previews and updates on their progress then!

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