Paint 'till You Drop!

The class has been working so hard these past few weeks, staying extra hours after class and even coming in on Saturday, to get the mural done before the unveiling this Saturday, April 21. The progress they have made is so amazing and it is so rewarding to see the mural finally coming together! We have done a few things to speed up our planning and painting process: the pre-mixed, pre-chosen paint was definitely a plus, as I talked about in the last post, because once we figured out which colors went where on the mock-ups, we were able to easily translate them onto the wall. We also used a projector to create the basic outlines of the images, which allowed us to quickly figure out the exact positioning of each area/continent on the wall; and of course, the time and energy that went into creating the mock-ups beforehand certainly paid off. Well I might be biased, but I have to admit that the mural looks GREAT so far! --but you can see for yourself...
In the early stages with the outlines...
Blocking in the color fields
The yellow wall is one that was painted before, which I mentioned in the last post--there are about six other walls besides the ones we are working on and they are all different, vivid colors--we chose our palette accordingly to compliment the existing walls.

Lucy Gaines working away on Che...
Amanda and Alex painting Africa.
Brannen and Graham tackling Australia...

Devon working on rendering a South American parrot, using bright pink as an alternative to red, to further brighten the space.
Lucy moving on to work on Ida B. Wells, North America's portrait representative.
Our selected paints....and the mess.

Lizz working on the lettering, a font chosen by Brannen.
Antartica has never seen so much color!
The completed Ida B. and Kenny.
We're working on incorporating the columns into the mural as well.

I've given you a preview of the work we have done so far, but you'll have to come to the unveiling Saturday to see the final product!

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