Red Zone Rules

 Last Friday, after we completed the ‘Imagine the Place You’ll Go’ mural, the class teamed up with the students from Cypress Middle School’s Red Zone afterschool program to do a special mural on one of the other walls in the room.   Before we began our mural, the students had been working on compiling a set of rules and guidelines for the Red Zone--as a way to both display their rules, as well as have the chance to make their own mark on the walls, we worked together to paint the rules on the wall adjacent to our mural.  The students worked with some of the various colors that we used to execute the other mural in order to tie the walls together.  While we used the projector to position the rules on the center wall, the students were able to take complete artistic integrity on the far left wall.   We really enjoyed collaborating with the students and getting their ideas before beginning the design for our mural, but this session was great because we were able to help out with their own project and see what they could do with a brush!

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