Preview: Cypress Mural Color Palette

If you think back to our visit to Jeff Unthank's studio during the Memphis mural tour, he was working with bright and bold colors in a sort of 'paint-by-numbers' technique to create his polytab panels. To speed up his process, he painted the mock-ups (shown below) and then ordered the matching paint for the big panels, pre-mixed. Similarly, for the Cypress Mural, we chose the colors for our mural beforehand in order to save time. A few things we had in mind when selecting the colors were coordinating the palette with the existing colors on the surrounding walls (non-mural walls), which range from a bright orange to an aqua blue, and the fact that the Red Zone is in the lower level of Cypress, with no windows--in an attempt to brighten up the space, we carefully made color choices that both translate well with our imagery and make a bold statement, as the colors in Jeff's panels do.

Inspired by Jeff's process, once we got the colors in, a few of us painted on top of the mock-ups for our mural to figure out where each one will be used on the wall.
The Palette...

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